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04 August 2017
Technology & Research Ministry and MTIC Announced Ristekdikti-MTIC Award 2017
After passing through several selection process, Ristekdikti-MTIC Award 2017’s judges eventually announced three winners on its peak event, on previous Wednesday (2/8). Took place at Patra Jas ...

03 August 2017
To Strengthen its Existence, Martha Tilaar’s Brands Participated in Exhibition of Herb and Cosmetics Industry
In order to strengthen its existance in Indosia herb and cosmetic industry, three brands of Martha Tilaar participated in Exhibition of Herb and Cosmetics Industry that presented by Indusry Mini ...

21 July 2017
Martha Tilaar Group at 66th Anniversary of IBI
Celebrating the 66th anniversary of Indonesia Obstetrician Association and Obstetrician’s International Day, today (07/19) in Mercure Hotel Jakarta, IBI held an event with “Obstetrician to E ...

04 July 2017
Martha Tilaar Group Held Eid al-Fitr Gathering
To start activity in the beginning of Syawal month, Martha Tilaar Group’s Board of Director and employees all gathered in Griya Cipta Wanita last Monday (03/07), for gathering. This gathering ...

26 June 2017
Four Buses for Martha Tilaar Group Mudik Asik 2017
Di penghujung bulan suci Ramadhan, sudah menjadi tradisi bagi sebagian besar masyaraka Indonesia untuk kembali ke kampung halaman atau mudik. Untuk mengakomodir kebutuhan karyawan yang ingin mud ...

16 June 2017
Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar Held Ramadhan Gathering at Her House
This Ramadhan, Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar held a special fast-breaking gathering at her house (14/06). Since mid-day, the Founder of Martha Tilaar Group together with the brands team are ready to w ...

07 June 2017
The Launch of Coelogyne marthae Post Stamp on Greening Nation with Orchid Event
In order to embody Beautifying Indonesia, Martha Tilaar Group always consistent in running CSR program based on four company pillars, Beauty Green, Beauty Culture, Beauty Education and Empowerin ...

26 May 2017
PT Martina Berto Tbk Booked Significant Profit
PT Martina Berto Tbk has held Shareholders General Meeting (SGM) to report its book year that end up on December 31, 2016. This annual financial report has been received and already get the rati ...

23 May 2017
Coelogyne marthae, Orchid of Indonesia: Where It Come From?
Indonesia is a paradise for million species of plants, including orchid. In fact, based on Ennie Sutoto from Indonesia Orchid Assosiation statement, one-thrid orchid in the world are from Indone ...

22 May 2017
Dr.(H.C) Martha Tilaar Attends the Two Centuries of Bogor Botanical Garden Ceremony
On its 200th years of age, Bogor Botanical Garden has just held its anniversary day last Thursday (18/05). Together with Presidential staff, Teten Masduki, to represent President Joko Widodo, Mi ...

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Local Wisdom Go Global

To be one of the world’s leading companies in cosmetics and spa industry with natural nuances and eastern values through product innovation and modern technology to optimize added value to stakeholders

Short Term Objective
To be Top 3 in Indonesian cosmetics and spa industry

Medium Term Objective
To be one of Asia Pacific players in cosmetics and spa industry

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